"Almost one year ago I walked through the Yen Yoga's doors for the first time with the encouragement of my beautiful daughter Dana. She said "Momma I think yoga will be so good for you in so many ways". I was apprehensive, but I went anyway. On that very day Emily you began to change my life in such positive ways that I cannot even begin to explain. You are amazing, you are loving, you are kind, you are caring, you are YOU & for that I am forever grateful.

I took a break from yoga after my precious Dana passed away a few months ago. I couldn't seem to bring myself back through those doors. But a few weeks ago, Dana's spirit spoke to me & encouraged me to go back to what I loved & brought me so much peace. Emily you welcomed me back into your class, I sobbed through most of it & was once again so grateful to be back to yoga & your class. You make me a better person & are helping me heal from my loss. Dana & I will always have a connection together when I am in your class. Thank you Emily for the compassion you give so easily to others. You are such a positive change in my world. Blessing to you today & always!!"

"Emily radiates warmth and acceptance, which makes me feel safe in a yoga class; I can focus on exploring what works for me without feeling like I have to look or feel a certain way. She's incredibly encouraging, reminding her students to honor themselves. Emily sets an example of positivity, self-love, and focus on the present moment, which is something I've always struggled with in yoga because I can be very hard on myself or get too wrapped up in my thoughts. She's also just a great teacher with years of experience who knows how to effectively explain a movement and how to give students cues so that they won't get lost!"

"When I moved back to Traverse City the thing missing was a warm and energetic dance teacher who I could move with. Then I found Emily! I went to every class of hers that I could and danced with her in Urban Elements and always felt more connected to my body and more grounded afterward. She is a compassionate, patient, yet challenging teacher who truly values people trying, feeling good about themselves, and most importantly having fun!"