"It’s amazing how much Emily has educated me and taught me how to strengthen my joints while increasing my mobility. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my asanas in other classes. She's taught me how important it is to take care of my body and not push myself to the point of injury.:I honestly can’t say enough about Emily's teachings. I hear her voice in my head every day in my yoga practice as well as my weight lifting regimen. “Core brace, plug those shoulders down and back, and keep your ribs down”. I have done my shoulder flossing daily and I even had my daughter do it last night when she said she had knots. I use my myofacial balls (lol) as often as I need to and my son has learned her techniques too to relieve a pinched nerve in his glute. There is so much to be said for her manner of instruction and demonstration and even more to be said for her teaching and giving us the tools to have a strong practice of our own at home. That’s the BEST!!"

"Almost one year ago I walked through the Yen Yoga's doors for the first time with the encouragement of my beautiful daughter Dana. She said "Momma I think yoga will be so good for you in so many ways". I was apprehensive, but I went anyway. On that very day Emily you began to change my life in such positive ways that I cannot even begin to explain. You are amazing, you are loving, you are kind, you are caring, you are YOU & for that I am forever grateful.

I took a break from yoga after my precious Dana passed away a few months ago. I couldn't seem to bring myself back through those doors. But a few weeks ago, Dana's spirit spoke to me & encouraged me to go back to what I loved & brought me so much peace. Emily you welcomed me back into your class, I sobbed through most of it & was once again so grateful to be back to yoga & your class. You make me a better person & are helping me heal from my loss. Dana & I will always have a connection together when I am in your class. Thank you Emily for the compassion you give so easily to others. You are such a positive change in my world. Blessing to you today & always!!"

"Emily radiates warmth and acceptance, which makes me feel safe in a yoga class; I can focus on exploring what works for me without feeling like I have to look or feel a certain way. She's incredibly encouraging, reminding her students to honor themselves. Emily sets an example of positivity, self-love, and focus on the present moment, which is something I've always struggled with in yoga because I can be very hard on myself or get too wrapped up in my thoughts. She's also just a great teacher with years of experience who knows how to effectively explain a movement and how to give students cues so that they won't get lost!"

"When I moved back to Traverse City the thing missing was a warm and energetic dance teacher who I could move with. Then I found Emily! I went to every class of hers that I could and danced with her in Urban Elements and always felt more connected to my body and more grounded afterward. She is a compassionate, patient, yet challenging teacher who truly values people trying, feeling good about themselves, and most importantly having fun!"