Emily Fine has been dancing as long as she could walk. While training locally in classical dance techniques, Emily developed a unique and personal style of movement. At an early age she realized dancing benefitted not only her physical body, but her emotions as well. She began to use dance as an outlet for self-expression, and a tool to gain confidence and find her inner voice.

After graduating from High School, Emily moved to San Francisco to expand her training. That's where her gift for teaching became clear. The rich culture of the city influenced and inspired her movement in ways she'd never imagined. She began training intensely in many movement styles and apprenticed with several renowned West Coast dance instructors. She began to teach wherever she could, instructing a diverse body of students at several different YMCA organizations, the San Francisco Jewish Community Center, and various studios including the San Francisco Dance Center and City Dance Studio. To compliment her experience, she also earned a certificate in Classical Dance Performance at San Francisco City College.

As Emily's career as a dancer and instructor continued to blossom, she began to realize that she needed something to help not only keep her body supple and in good working order but also to help calm her busy mind amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. This is where her love affair with Yoga began. She took her first class in 2004 and immediately knew it was exactly what she'd been missing. A deeper understanding and new-found connection to her spiritual self developed. As a result, her style of movement began to transform and take on healing qualities beyond just the physical body.

In 2008, Emily found herself searching for more. Through her Yoga practice she had begun to gain more self-confidence and balance in her life. This led her back to Traverse City where she opened Soul Step Dance Studio. She wanted to create an environment to help people not only build physical strength, but also to feel empowered and free through movement and breath in the way that she had. She wanted to create a space for people to feel comfortable and able to freely express their true selves. She was following her dreams!

In June 2015, she received her RYT- 200 hour Yoga teacher certification through Yen Yoga. After nearly eight years of transformation and growth, but also the daily physical and emotional stresses of owning a business, Emily has made the difficult decision to close Soul Step so that she can share her passion with more freedom. She is ready to continue her Yoga journey and to expand on her learnings about the mind, body, soul connection.

As a qualified teacher with over twelve years of experience under her belt, Emily seeks to share the wonderful gift of movement and it's unique connection to our immediate world. She has fused her experience with her love for music to create her own unique style that will take you on a rhythmic journey toward empowerment. Emily has a deep understanding that her craft is a journey that is forever developing and that requires continuous study. She is always looking for new and exciting ways to expand her repertoire. She has dedicated her own practice and teachings to helping others connect with their true nature so that they can find more peace and joy on and off the mat.