Cardio Funk

Come unleash your inner funk!!!

If you love dance fitness and having fun with your workouts, then this is the class for you! Cardio Funk is more like a party than a workout and it's safe and fun for all fitness levels! Designed by Emily Fine, this inspiring, high energy class will challenge your cardiovascular endurance as well as strengthen your core, improve flexibility, coordination and confidence! With choreography that encompasses a variety of dance styles and music that will have you grooving to the beat, you'll have an absolute, sweaty blast! Come let loose and brighten your day with this great cardio dance workout!


Fusion Rhythms

Set your body, mind, and spirit FREE!

If you love Zumba or NIA, you'll definitely LOVE Fusion Rhythms! Designed by Emily Fine, this class is a Dance and Yoga based workout/aerobics class that will relieve stress, improve fitness, self expression, and coordination through breath and movement. While Emily utilizes her extensive dance background to blend many different movement disciplines with basic Yoga techniques, this class has become a TC favorite. It is low impact, safe for any fitness level, and provides a whole-body, cardiovascular workout; Offering fun, easy-to-follow guided movement with room for personal expression. Smile, laugh, and feel rejuvenated while shaking off your worries. Practiced bare-foot or in sneakers, Fusion Rhythms is a great way to stimulate the body, raise the spirit and feel wild, creative, and FREE!


E.A.S.E (Gentle Flow)

Explore • Awaken • Surrender • Energize

This class is a fun and gentle practice perfect for beginners or anyone in need of a good stress relief. While exploring conscious movement and breath, you will not only improve overall strength and flexibility but also calm the mind attuning it to the inner light of awareness. Surrender to your breath and allow your heart to radiate with truth and love. Move freely from a place of compassion and acceptance to create more peace and ease within your practice and daily life. Rest your mind, rejuvenate your body and restore balance while feeling energized and transformed!

Intro to Hip Hop

No experience necessary.

Hip Hop Grooves is all about having fun and getting your groove on while learning the fundamentals of Hip Hop dance and culture. Whether you're looking for a fun new way to get in shape or to add a bit of spice to your life, this is the class for you. From old school popping and locking to music video style, there is a diverse range of movement that allows any level of dancer to be able to connect with their own body and groove to the music. The class will begin with warm-up which will focus on body isolations, flexibility, footwork, and core strength, which will help you grow stronger and improve each week. Following warm up a high-energy, up beat routine will be taught giving you a chance to fully understand the movement, explore and incorporate your own style and get down and FUNKY! To feel the full benefits of class, Emily encourages you to attend class regularly.

Urban Flow

Feel connected, empowered, and ALIVE!

Urban Flow is an energizing Vinyasa style class that is set to uplifting music with a groovy beat. Surrender to your breath, let go, and take a rhythmic journey to empowerment. Designed by Emily Fine, in this class you will explore movement as well as fun and playful transitions to not only build physical strength but to calm the mind, attuning it to the inner light of awareness and knowledge. While utilizing the deep core muscles of the body, you'll build a strong foundation, create freedom in your body, and radiate from the inside out. Be you, be free and awaken to your limitless potential.

Burlesque Funk

Let's get sassy!

While fusing popular dance styles such as Jazz, Hip Hop, and Nuvo-Burlesque to create a brand new exciting style of movement, this class is great for anyone who wants to gain self confidence and feel sexy! You will first be lead in a thorough warm-up focusing on core strength, isolations and flexibility followed with some across the floor movement then into a sensual and sassy routine. This is NOT a "stripper" class nor does it promote any such life style. The techniques learned in this class are designed specifically to create a fun and inspiring atmosphere for every woman and encourage freedom of expression, strength, and empowerment while at the same time getting an exciting and fun workout!

Wear something comfortable or feel free to dress up in frills and high heels!!

No experience necessary, AGES 18 AND UP

Peace & Love Meditation

Awaken the peace in your mind and the love in your heart.

In a state of meditation, you can touch higher levels of awareness, you can be re-awakened to your divine nature, the pure love that you are. Every step you take is sacred; Every breath you breathe is holy. If you understand and practice these precepts, you will be mindful and your consciousness will shift from the finite to the infinite. You will become observant, detached, and free from judgement and begin to re-connect to the radiance and expansiveness of your true self. You will be filled with peace and love and begin to see all things through the eyes of compassion. Let us remember, we are ALL born to love and be loved!

Vin/Yin Yoga

As we open up the body and mind, we see clearly the path to love.

In this class we will restore balance between the sun and moon energy of the body and mind and open up to our greatest strengths and possibilities. Class will begin with a warming, heart opening flow to get prana (breath energy) moving freely and the mind centered. We will then transition into Yin postures held longer to stretch the connective tissue helping us to relax, lengthen, and let go. Feel calm, peaceful, open, and balanced in this healing practice.

Yin Yoga

Remove blockages deep within the body and mind, and allow your life force to flow free.

Yin Yoga has the same goals and objectives as any other school of yoga; however, it directs the stimulation beyond the muscular (“yang”) tissues, and instead targets the connective (“yin”) tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body that normally are not exercised very much in a more active style of asana practice. Suitable for all levels of students, Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga, or any more active forms of fitness, that emphasize internal heat, and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles. It also is a very meditative practice, allowing us to connect to our breath, slow down the chatter in our minds, restoring peace and clarity. Yin Yoga generally targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, lower spine, and shoulders.

Restorative Yoga

Relax, refresh and renew.

In this restorative yoga class, students will journey through a series of passive, meditative-type postures. Each asana will be held for several minutes to encourage a deeper sense of relaxation to the mind and muscles. Props, blankets and bolsters will be used as gentle support. Students will receive hands-on adjustments and use of aromatherapy products and lotions in a comfortably heated room. Restorative yoga is a nice complement to all yoga levels and lifestyles. Come prepared to be pampered and reawakened.


Transform your body, transform your practice, transform your life!

Explore the connectivity between mobility (the movement of joints), flexibility (the length of muscles), and the fascial system (the web of connective tissue that surrounds the muscles and joints). By combining exercises and postures that target all three of these systems simultaneously, we’ll increase and improve functional flexibility, overall joint health and range of motion, core stability and posture, and most importantly gain a heightened sense of body awareness. As we become more aware of how our bodies move and the interconnectedness of the muscles, joints, and tissue, we’ll begin to uncover imbalances that could be causing pain, discomfort, and overcompensation. Teach your body to move how it was made to: with balance, freedom, and ease. Transform your body, transform your practice, transform your life!

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a form of self massage that will utilize tools such as tennis balls and foam rollers to target imbalances, pain and knots in connective tissue. Improve overall body awareness, reduce muscular tension, improve range of motion, circulation and blood flow, and soothe the nervous system. The techniques learned in this class are useful tools that you can use at home and in everyday life to keep your body moving and performing optimally.

Yoga Burn

This 45-minute fusion class will combine all the physical and mental benefits of yoga practice with bursts of high-intensity exercise and cardio between yoga flows. Think Yoga Sculpt without the weights, or Arms Abs & ASSets with more yoga and intensity. A great combo to activate slow-twitch muscle fibers with yoga, and fast-twitch muscle fiber activation with cardio bursts. Raise your heart rate and metabolism, strengthen and tone your whole body, and leave feeling grounded and centered.

This class is Yoga Shred inspired and is taught by Yoga Shred certified instructors. Yoga Shred is a popular cross-training HIIT + Yoga fusion program developed by Sadie Nardini.