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Which leads me into my first topic. Of course it would be… MOBILITY.
My newest and truest passion!

But, what is it? Well, It’s kind of hard to define and there are a lot of different ideas out there about what the true definition actually is… Is it just moving your body? Your joints? Is it like flexibility? What the heck is it? So, instead of me trying to explain it, I’m going to give you the best description I’ve come across so far and it’s by the genius, Dr. Andreo Spina. He is a human movement specialist, international speaker, and the creator of the new and innovative movement language called FRC (functional range conditioning) and the offshoot of that, Kinstretch. Both of which I plan to get certified in, in the next few years. I truly believe this stuff is going to change the way people think about their bodies and movement all together. It did for me anyway… But, I digress. The Mobility definition, in the words of Dr. Spina:

“Mobility is a grossly overused and misused term - but in a strict sense, it means having active control over your end range of motion to simultaneously expand and teach the nervous system to control it, prepare tissue and prevent injury, and create fluidity of movement.”

Confused yet? It’s ok, I was at first too, so let me see if I can give you an example….

Take seated butterfly stretch. Instead of just sitting and hanging out in that position, in your passive range, in this case the external rotation of your hips, why don’t you try strengthening in that end range so that you have control of it. So that rather than just stretching/pulling on the joints, the tissue, the muscle, which really leads to more weakness and imbalance than anything else, you create stability, strength, control, as well as flexibility in that particular ROM (range of motion). This is MOBILITY. Also described as usable flexibility. Can you grab your foot and pull it above your head? Maybe. But can you, without using your hands, extend your leg over head? See where I’m going here? And for hyper flexible or mobile people like myself, this type of work is crucial if you want to avoid injury, have stability in your body as well as be able to perform whatever physical activity it is that you enjoy without pain or discomfort.

So, how do you strengthen in your passive range? 2 words, isometric contractions. Let me explain just a bit further but hopefully not so much to bore you, I’ll try be brief. Back to butterfly… First press your knees into the floor (without using your hands) for roughy 5-10 seconds, then, press your hands on your knees and push your knees up into the resistance of your hands, 5 - 10 seconds, and repeat. Strengthening in your passive ranges.

If you’d like to learn more about this and try it yourself, I teach Mobility on Tuesdays from 4-5pm at as well as private sessions. Just let me know and we’ll get something set up asap. I’m happy to go into more detail as well, but for now I'll leave it at this. 

I will conclude by saying that this work has been the only thing that has even began to decrease my chronic leg pain and numbness that I’ve had over 3 years now. I believe this began from years and years of too much stretching and not enough mobility, which overtime created great and severe imbalances in my hips and spine. I’ve gone through 5 rounds of PT, had every test you can imagine and seen multiple specialists.

Let me tell you, this mobility stuff is the ONLY stuff that WORKS!!! 
And just incase you're still hesitant, check out this beautiful testimonial I received recently from one of my clients who has been religiously attending my class...

"It’s amazing how much Emily has educated me and taught me how to strengthen my joints while increasing my mobility. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my asanas in other classes. She's taught me how important it is to take care of my body and not push myself to the point of injury. I honestly can’t say enough about Emily's teachings. I hear her voice in my head every day in my yoga practice as well as my weight lifting regimen. “Core brace, plug those shoulders down and back, and keep your ribs down”. I have done my shoulder flossing daily and I even had my daughter do it last night when she said she had knots. I use my myofacial techniques as often as I need to and my son has learned her techniques too to relieve a pinched nerve in his glute. There is so much to be said for her manner of instruction and demonstration and even more to be said for her teaching and giving us the tools to have a strong practice of our own at home. That’s the BEST!!"

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